Winter Toes

“Winter toes” refer to an abnormal reaction of the skin to the cold. After exposure to cold temperatures, you may experience skin that is painful, red and swollen.

Some of the people most susceptible to getting winter toes:

  • people with poor circulation
  • tobacco smokers
  • women are more susceptible than men
  • underweight individuals

The swelling on top of or around your toes can be extremely painful, especially once your feet have warmed up again.
What to do?

  • rewarm skin gently – do not massage, rub, or apply direct heat. If using a foot bath ensure to use warm as opposed to hot water.
  • keep skin dry and warm.
  • do not scratch
  • apply Aloe 24/7 organic aloe gel to affected areas

How does Aloe 24/7 organic aloe gel help?

Aloe 24/7 gel acts as a vasodilator, increasing blood flow to the affected areas which assists with improved circulation;

The carefully selected blend of ingredients helps to soothe inflamed areas and stops the itch almost immediately.

Aloe 24/7 gel can be used for fingers and toes, the tips of your ears and also your nose!

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