Amazing Regenerative Properties

Whilst walking barefoot outdoors on a camping trip I badly bruised my toe on a rock and in an attempt to treat the now very swollen and bruised toe I applied a vinegar solution compress and ignorantly left it overnight. This resulted in what I imagine was a chemical burn from the acetic acid.

The way my toe looked in the morning was very frightening. I was very sure that the skin was dead as it was numb to the touch and I was sure it would leave an open raw wound. After rinsing out immediately the condition remained for the next hour after which I began to get worried. I then realised that I had a tube of the Aloe 24/7 Gel with us which I applied very thickly and left on the toe without any dressing.

To my astonishment the gel solution absorbed immediately so I applied even more of the gel. I noticed the swelling go down and the horrible dead white colour change back to normal again within the first hour after applying the gel. After a few hours the skin looked normal again and the skin didn’t even peel off. I think this is an amazing product for skin conditions and will certainly make sure that I have a tube handy at all times.