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Aloe 24/7 is a product range developed by Totally Wild (Pty) Ltd, a Cape Town based company specialising is development of a range of specialty beverage and skincare products, the key ingredient of which is Aloe Ferox.

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“I have less diarrhoea”

Now that I am taking Aloe 24/7 every morning I have less diarrhoea and my system is more what I envision normal would be. Nice to find something natural that actually is beneficial.

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Leaky gut syndrome

I am very happy that I found the Aloe 24/7 which gave back the normal life to my little daughter with leaky gut syndrome!

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Acid reflux symptoms disappear after 1 week

The symptoms disappeared after 1 week, which is unbelievable!

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A chronic constipation sufferer

Aloe24/7 has literally changed my life…the results have been phenomenal… you really cannot begin to understand the difference this has made to me.

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Soothing for heartburn

I have been using the Aloe 24/7 drink for the past couple of months to ease my heartburn and find the results excellent… A small glass of the Aloe juice each day has relieved all my symptoms.

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Sue Wessels

Stomach cramp soother

…. I decided to try Aloe 24/7 as a natural alternative. I was stunned at how soothing it was…Wonderful to find a natural alternative that has many other benefits too!

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“It certainly works for reflux”

Aloe 24/7 really does help.  It doesn’t cure my reflux problems, but certainly minimises the symptoms….so it certainly does work.

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